8.29.2010 Journey into time “The IDJ AWARDS in ATL 8.7-8-12” PART 1

The second blog is here!!  I have been on an adventure lately…From the Playboy Mansion in March to Miami with Angelina from The Jersey Shore.  But one journey has been defiantly interesting.  Atlanta, Ga.. AKA ATL!  I had left the morning of 8.7.2010 on my way to LGA.  While waiting for my publicist,  I was running around to pee, do #2 and just relax.  Till Mr. Al Sharpton arrived in the waiting area.  During this process I was a bit worry.  Well noticing him.  I had seen a bag laying around the middle of the lobby.  Still waiting on Veronica, my roadmanager Salvo and I say sutoms make a bit of a seem while waiting for for our departure.  After a hr looking at these jerks, an old man said it was his.  He must have had problems changing his Depends in the bathroom I figured.  At this point they’re double checking IDs and tickets.

We got on the plane.  First person to nag was Veronica.  “If we flew Spirit we could of upgrade to first class!” my response simply was “Welcome to the DJ life LOL”.  With her smirk we left NYC to Charlotte on a Stop.  Had some amazing Bojangles for the first time!! Dam fried chicken & biscuits were mad good!!

We left Charlotte with a screaming baby and land in ATL.  Veronica disappeared.  We didn’t know were she went!  She had told me that she went to the baggage claim.  Keep in mind I was walking the whole time.  Relizing that it a BITCH of a walk I had to take the train after walking a half hour.

We got to baggage claim and Veronica’s stuff was here.  Our driver was waiting for us.  In his fake Escalade aka the F’d up Surburban.  We sat in the car on my way to the Castleberry Inn.  I had asked the driver how was it?  (From our prior conversation he was original from Queens) For guys like me and him.. We are ok.  But for Veronica don’t go left!  Veronica had panic a bit.  Have here first anxiety attack on the trip of many.  Then at one point the driver mad an announcement to ok now I need to lock the doors. LMFAO I never laughed so hard.  You should of saw Veronica’s face.

We got to the hotel, The Castleberry Inn.  It smelled, it felt, like the Goldengate of Sheepshead Bay.  We went in our rooms.  It was big but defiantly weird lol. We had rested the rest of that day.  Do to some moves with schedules changes we had stuff later that week.

I had fell asleep.  Around 3 am.  The door opened.  I heard shush!  People were walking into my room.  I had waked up hearing them laugh at me in my tighty whities.  I was a bit emotional.  I went to sleep with the passing sounds of the freight trains located not so far from my room.

Morning came, we had checked in for the IDJ Awards in ATL.  I was a presenter for Club DJ of the year, DJed some of there events, and got involved with a grown man conversation with a whole lot of legends!  During this time I had invited the Aflac Dance (Here is the video link http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6e3Si1E2xA0 )and ran around like a crazed nut!

It was Monday, I met Mr. DJ Krunch.  Aka Hustler DJ of the year.  He had told me about ONYX.  A gentlemen’s club.  He had told me about 5 Dollar Mondays and I had to go.  I felt like I was in a T-Pain video.  Big Booty females making me laugh.  We had left the club.  Ate some fried chicken and went to sleep.


 Part 2 Coming Soon…..

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