9.26.2010 The END of “The PARTY Tour” I’m in Miami Bitch!!

September 27th, 2010

(Written Sept 5, 2010)

I’m in Miami Bitch!!

Hey, I just finished up Miami to Fort Laurdale mini tour.  It was great!! I arrived on Thursday night getting the rundown of my schedule from my publicist Veronica and my man Jarrett (friend and longtime promoter in MIAMI) for the week.  I had some great meetings and MIA loves me!

Only bad news on the trip.  Don’t go to the Boulevard Hotel in South Beach.  I had bloody sheets in the first room the hotel gave us to the second room having dangerously electrical wires illegal ran under my bed. Check out the pics.  I ended up fighting with Hotwire to change hotels.  But before I had to book another hotel I was thrown out of The BLVD.  Talk about a fucked up experience.

Friday, I had relaxed poolside prior to my meetings.  I went Jetsking for the first time!! My road manager and brother Salvo went out to Sea.  2 big boys hitting the water hard gave me some sore arm that evening.  Before, returning to shore.  In the last 5 mins on the rental, Salvo and I went under!! We had flipped the Jetski over in Miami Beach Shark waters.  Salvo looked like a shipwrecked sailor on the bottom of the boat.  It was o dam funny!!  We flipped it. Jumped on and returned back to shore with amazing memories of almost drowning or bite by a shark.

That evening I had appearance at Pink Room in South Beach with my boy Jarrett.  Thanks to Jason.  I had great mingle with all the sexy women of MIA.  Look at the DJ booth…its Crazy!!  Everyone was in town from DJ Chuckie to Paul Van Dyke and every dimepiece in town lol. I went back to the hotel.  I order the worse pizza ever!  I mean HORRIALE! That concluded my Friday evening.

Saturday, I was excited.  I was hyped about the gig that Jarrett booked me in the Fort. I tried napping and didn’t work.  I lay in bed for hours trying to get myself ready for that evening.  Time flew slowly; I ended up getting ready and driving 45 mins to Fort Laurdale.  I arrived at the club.  It had a crazy line. Sky Nightclub is a gorgeous spot.  I came in the DJ booth, it was sick.  The DJs Excel and Flow cool cats.   I was about to go on.  Only one problem, all my supporters outside was going bananas.  There were 1000 people in the club already and another 500+ outside.  I want to take the time to apologize for that.  The promoters of the Venue have scheduled me to come out next month to Living Room to make up for it.

I DJed. I went Nuts! (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zlo3gqb_fg4 ) A lot of people took plenty of pictures and footage.  It was a fun crowd.  The females, WOW…WOW…hmmm…WOW!!  After that by 3am…I am on the road back to the hotel to packed my things but this sexy female from Austin Texas was in my way. We spoke.  I told her she was sexy.  And within 3 mins of talking to her I was hooking up with this fine 5’10 model hot female in front of the Eden Roc.  I had to be at MIA Airport by 5 to return the rent-a-car so I brushed her off, went in my room and packed my things.  I arrived at MIA my shuttle from the Thrifty center had broken down.  I was on a tight time.  Lucky another bus came and dropped me off.  I flew out of MIA to Nashville late.  Pilots came late.  I got a connecting flight in Nashville in my head I thought I was late by 10 mins.  Funny thing I ran out of my first plane looking like a jerk not knowing it was central time.  I was an hour early LMFAO!  Now right now I am on my way to LGA.  Now I have to run to do a Music festival in North Jersey.  Question right now.  What to wear?

Check out next Sunday for another amazing BLOG from me! DJ JOVE!!

Be-lated 9.12.2010 The DJ Industry

September 19th, 2010

Tire of the BS! 

I have been spinning for over 10 years, and the game has changed dramatically. The DJ industry went from learning how to spin at seminars & Network to DJs purchasing pre-mix sets online and ‘taking jobs from the REAL DJs’.

DJs are everywhere! DJs went Mainstream since the days of Club MTV and The Grind. Many DJs have shown their skills and grace legitimately in front of millions. DJs like DJ Skribbles and David Morales showcased there skills with original productions on these shows.  There wasn’t anything fake about DJs from the 80′s and 90′s.  Vinyl showed how original you were.

It 2001, a friend at Stanton had sent me a Final Scratch V1.0 to Beta test.  It was ugly and weird.  It had to boot in its own system separate from Windows and I was DJing thru a computer via my Turntable.  I brought this to Copacabanna and Deep when I was a resident there and the venues thought I was weird doing such a thing!  Keep in mind laptops were too expensive back in the day, so I brought my household desktop!! The tube monitor and all!

People thought it was strange. It wasn’t vinyl but yet it was. Over the years Serato became the commercial hit and everyone and their mother were able to download the software. Now the game has permanently gone MP3 and the guys that were promoters became DJs to save funds, and even though they never took the time to learn at seminars, they took shortcuts and became DJs.

This brings up the problem I had during Fashion Week that made me want to throw-up;  fake DJs that were on the decks at almost every event that I was invited to!  People touching knobs and not touching the actual vinyl were DJing hours at a time with just 2 Pre-Mix sets.

I refused to walk RED Carpets if I saw a name of a DJ I didn’t know, I would google those fake ass DJs, it wouldn’t even list a twitter account or videos on the TUBE for the jerks.

Next thing, on every RED Carpet the first question is what TV show are you from?  What happen to where do you spin at?  This leads me to my take on reality stardom.  People say they are something (ex:DJs) and have no credentials prior to there show airing.  No Professional pictures, website, flyers or presskits

The first time I watched Jersey Shore; a 30 year old herb called Pauly D made his debute.  That night I googled this guy and found nothing, just 2 Videos he sucked at!!  He didn’t have any press, no professional website and no flyers from other events.  Pauly D is a NO ONE without his Jersey Shore show that is popular becuase it makes fun of Italians that aren’t Italian. One more thing without Nicole getting punched in the face Pauly D you would have been taken off the network!!

So during fashion week, I had a lot of #TeamJOVE supporters pissed!  Pauly D of the Jersey Shore, gave credit to Vinny for calling Angelina “The Staten Island Dump”.  Angie agreed that jerk with his 5 mins of fame stole MY written comedic jokes that I say to every female that is from SI.  Here is the video of my on TMZ.  Calling and naming Angie’s Culo http://www.vimeo.com/14882601 .

Listen, its enough that the DJ industry has gone sour.  But reality stars jocking my SWAGGA.  Come into BK and see what true supporters of what I created in NYC for the last 10 years will do!

9.5.2010 Journey into time “The IDJ AWARDS in ATL 8.7-8-12” PART 2

September 6th, 2010

It was Tuesday.  I was excited because I was going to be playing in a celebrity basketball game for charity.  It ended up canceling due to Waka Flocka being too much of a liability for the court to have him.  Talk about some funny shit.  I ended up meeting up with Mr. Flocka and we were delighted by a lot of press.

I ended up getting involved with the legend seminars.  Greats like the Parliament Funkadelics, DJ Red Alert, Cut Creator aka LL Cool J’s DJ, Davy DMX aka Kurtis Blow DJ and many other, were peaking our minds to many young inspiring DJs and Producers.

Later that evening I had rocked the ball room,  All the legends, fans and plenty of cameras filmed my showcase.  I felt like my inspiration Jazzy Jeff at that moment.  After that I got my black tie and suit on.  The “Green-Up Georgia” event was amazing!!  Got a lot of insight on how to help us the people to stay away from using petroleum gases and use the vegetable oil we use to cook as a substitution.

It was dinner time.  We had some Mexican food.  I met the infamous Trey.  After a long night of eating and drinks, Miss. Veronica said she loves Hot food.  So I force her in front of many to take a tall shoot of homemade hot sauce.  If that was me I would have been burning on the wrong ended for a week lol.

Morning came, It was the day of the IDJ Awards in ATL.  I was looking very sharp.  And here is my first “Step & Repeat” in ATL.  Due to my craziness,  I went down to my underwear’s, and inspired (due to my zebra glasses) to act like a Zebra eating grass on the Green- Carpet!!  I had 8 million interviews and blogger at my approach answering every question wild but respectfully.

After this point, I was backstage.  I am having a blast linking up with Ray Lavender, Montel Jordan, Shawty Lo, Young Joc and many others.  I presented top CLUB DJ award for 2010 in my own wild and crazy way live on TV. (Check it out http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oEu0GCEkGOQ Montel Jordan introduced me!!)

My experience in ATL was amazing.  Networking with legends and new talent was amazing.  From DJs I looked up to and all the producers that are above me and beyond.  It was GREAT!  Thank to everyone at the IDJ Awards for inviting me.  Shoutouts to my road manager Salvo, Veronica and her new experience and my man Trey from Philly running the event.

I have more classic adventures from the past and upcoming every Sunday here at my DJ JOVE Blog!!


8.29.2010 Journey into time “The IDJ AWARDS in ATL 8.7-8-12” PART 1

August 29th, 2010

The second blog is here!!  I have been on an adventure lately…From the Playboy Mansion in March to Miami with Angelina from The Jersey Shore.  But one journey has been defiantly interesting.  Atlanta, Ga.. AKA ATL!  I had left the morning of 8.7.2010 on my way to LGA.  While waiting for my publicist,  I was running around to pee, do #2 and just relax.  Till Mr. Al Sharpton arrived in the waiting area.  During this process I was a bit worry.  Well noticing him.  I had seen a bag laying around the middle of the lobby.  Still waiting on Veronica, my roadmanager Salvo and I say sutoms make a bit of a seem while waiting for for our departure.  After a hr looking at these jerks, an old man said it was his.  He must have had problems changing his Depends in the bathroom I figured.  At this point they’re double checking IDs and tickets.

We got on the plane.  First person to nag was Veronica.  “If we flew Spirit we could of upgrade to first class!” my response simply was “Welcome to the DJ life LOL”.  With her smirk we left NYC to Charlotte on a Stop.  Had some amazing Bojangles for the first time!! Dam fried chicken & biscuits were mad good!!

We left Charlotte with a screaming baby and land in ATL.  Veronica disappeared.  We didn’t know were she went!  She had told me that she went to the baggage claim.  Keep in mind I was walking the whole time.  Relizing that it a BITCH of a walk I had to take the train after walking a half hour.

We got to baggage claim and Veronica’s stuff was here.  Our driver was waiting for us.  In his fake Escalade aka the F’d up Surburban.  We sat in the car on my way to the Castleberry Inn.  I had asked the driver how was it?  (From our prior conversation he was original from Queens) For guys like me and him.. We are ok.  But for Veronica don’t go left!  Veronica had panic a bit.  Have here first anxiety attack on the trip of many.  Then at one point the driver mad an announcement to ok now I need to lock the doors. LMFAO I never laughed so hard.  You should of saw Veronica’s face.

We got to the hotel, The Castleberry Inn.  It smelled, it felt, like the Goldengate of Sheepshead Bay.  We went in our rooms.  It was big but defiantly weird lol. We had rested the rest of that day.  Do to some moves with schedules changes we had stuff later that week.

I had fell asleep.  Around 3 am.  The door opened.  I heard shush!  People were walking into my room.  I had waked up hearing them laugh at me in my tighty whities.  I was a bit emotional.  I went to sleep with the passing sounds of the freight trains located not so far from my room.

Morning came, we had checked in for the IDJ Awards in ATL.  I was a presenter for Club DJ of the year, DJed some of there events, and got involved with a grown man conversation with a whole lot of legends!  During this time I had invited the Aflac Dance (Here is the video link http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6e3Si1E2xA0 )and ran around like a crazed nut!

It was Monday, I met Mr. DJ Krunch.  Aka Hustler DJ of the year.  He had told me about ONYX.  A gentlemen’s club.  He had told me about 5 Dollar Mondays and I had to go.  I felt like I was in a T-Pain video.  Big Booty females making me laugh.  We had left the club.  Ate some fried chicken and went to sleep.


 Part 2 Coming Soon…..

The First Entry!! 8.27.2010

August 26th, 2010

             Hey, it’s your man DJ JOVE.  Over 10 years and still doing it but with a huge twist! I have gone from wearing bra singing “Act Stupid!” to growing up by working with different charities, groups and originations.

            In the last 3 years, I have been on a minor reality show that re-run more then Snooki’s of the Jersey Shore on MTV (Thanks Jeannie!), was on a segment on Tyra Banks, a featured DJ on the Star & Bucwild show (Anthony Soccoa good work!), when Pulse 87 started and DJed for PLAYBOY a bunch of times that you saw on Spike TV (Thank You Sam Ski). Thing have been good.

            But IT IS NEVER ENOUGH!  I have revamped my website, change a bit of my image, and want to give you my supporters every chance to enjoy what I will offer.  At any club, lounge, corporate or comedy event and charity!

            I will upload blogs once a week on Sundays.  I will bring up memories and topics that every DJ is scared to talk about.  And I can’t wait!  Experiences in L.A. to the Dirty ATL to my everyday struggles!  In this first blog, it’s a THANK YOU to everyone that made today…TODAY!

I want to THANK (In time Sequence I don’t want calls tomorrow):  My parents thru all the late nights cursing in Sicilian when I came home too late.  My sister for backing me up when I needed it most.  Most importantly, my long time road manager, friend and brother, Sal.  The rest of the family, like my cousin Francisco, “I am on a diet again, maybe 4 apple turnovers” LOL. Making things work for me all the time.  Baggio that made my first few steps in DJing work for me. My “Senior Media Coordinator” & friend Dom Campo, making my graphics the best since 2003’. My favorite guy at Up Beat, Nick Campo (Can I get that for 40 bucks?). My classmate from Boody & first promoter Rudy A, breaking me in at Plush on a Wed to packing out Johnny Pumps every Friday night that were a bit too crazy!  All the promoters & DJs thru college, Chris “Brooklyn” Casanova, Anthony Nok, Matt Bouncer, Ultraclubber, DJ Nooch, Shawn Ink & many others. Krizia and the girls, promoting/supporting me & the NO IDs. Big ups to DJ Spinz ohh shit….Simon H.  I am proud of you.  The ORIGNAL JOVE BOYZ EXPO Softball Team, making me FAT with Del Rio after every game. Michael Francis & Stevie Z making Club Deep, T NY & other clubs my home.  The RESETradio.com Family Anthony, Chris Casper, Ridge, Joonyer, Angel Pro DJ, Ron Conti and others. Christopher Bossio GREAT PICTURES!! My girls Kerry & Cathy, always making me smile. Big ups to all the reality stars over the years like Jordan Alexander, Rose Marie and everyone else.  Every celb DJ, Ciphasounds, Tony Toca, Crooklyn Clan and many others. Big shootout to Louie Devito. The REAL PRODUCER in BROOKLYN..SV, J Marv and Bombay, We are doing it soon, I guarantee it! My new promoter in Miami, Jarrett keep doing your thing.  And MOST IMPORTANLY “THE CAMP” aka Team JOVE, Jeanette Villafane, Jerome Antonio Hurley aka 656, Steve Lechnos and THE BEST Veronica Lee Anne.


              If there was anyone I forgot I am sure of it.  I am getting old.  I am so tired.  I have a lot of sleep missing in my life but for GREAT memories to…actually just think about it some crappy times J/K LOL.  Enjoy these blogs.  They will be fun & crazy.  I promise.

It’s your man, The One & Only

Brooklyn’s Own


Check out the new blog

August 17th, 2010

The brand spanking new DJ jove blog is almost ready, keep a look out real soon!